Best Luxembourgish Apps for Languages

  • Aurelux - Learn Luxembourgish

    Aurelux - Learn Luxembourgish Created by Julien Kessels, Last Updated February 10, 2019, Version 1.20.2, Size 107M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 107 Ratings 4.7

    Through its lessons, games and exercises, Aurelux allows you to learn Luxembourgish in a structured and playful manner. Created by a certified Luxembourgish teacher, the app enables you to learn the b...,

  • Luxembourgish TV guide - Luxembourgish TV programs

    Luxembourgish TV guide - Luxembourgish TV programs Created by B43 Media, Last Updated January 4, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 2.9M Downloads 100+, Ratings 0.0

    The easiest way to access Luxembourgish TV programs. All of the most popular TV programs in one app! Select the programs and watch them just in a few clicks! Ultimate solution for Luxembourgish TV....,

  • Luxembourgish Translator

    Luxembourgish Translator Created by Vocab Tutor, Last Updated October 7, 2016, Version 1.0, Size 2.5M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 2 Ratings 5.0

    Free Offline Translator helps in translate English to Luxembourgish & Luxembourgish to English Its completely free, faster and very easy solution for translation. You can use translated text to send...,

  • English To Luxembourgish

    English To Luxembourgish Created by Appstorsystech, Last Updated August 6, 2016, Version 1.2, Size 3.7M Downloads 100+, Votes 2 Ratings 5.0

    English To Luxembourgish Dictionary is a standard android app that fulfill all the needs that are required for an English To Luxembourgish Dictionary. This Application solve all the problems that occu...,

  • Luxembourgish To English Translator

    Luxembourgish To English Translator Created by Books Oline, Last Updated March 9, 2019, Version 1.0, Size 6.5M Downloads 1+, Ratings 0.0

    This amazing application is give you a easy way to translate Luxembourgish language into English language and as well English To Luxembourgish. This feature of translation now allow you to know Englis...,

  • English To Luxembourgish Voice Translator

    English To Luxembourgish Voice Translator Created by SRSR Apps, Last Updated July 3, 2018, Version 5.0, Size 11M Downloads 5+, Ratings 0.0

    English to Luxembourgish Voice Translator & Luxembourgish to English Translator just press the button and go. This app is very simple and not confusing at all. It can be used easily and its simplicity...,

  • Luxembourgish New Testament

    Luxembourgish New Testament Created by Bibles International, Last Updated March 25, 2019, Version 1.2, Size 3.9M Downloads 5+, Ratings 0.0

    This app provides a translation of the New Testament into the Luxembourgish language. It is produced by Bibles International, the Bible society, translation and publishing department of Baptist Mid Mi...,

  • RadioFM Luxembourgish All Stations

    RadioFM Luxembourgish All Stations Created by RadioFM Studio, Last Updated October 4, 2017, Version 1.0, Size 2.8M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    Say good bye to head phones for playing radios on Phone. With this beautiful, minimal and useful app you can listen Luxembourgish radio stations from anywhere! Here comes a new app in which you can pl...,

  • Created by This is Neat, Last Updated February 28, 2019, Version 2.0, Size 44M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 6 Ratings 4.2 is Luxembourg's Offline Dictionary in five languages. Powered by the official Luxembourgish dictionary dataset, you can search for words in Luxembourgish, English, French, German and Portugu...,

  • English Luxembourgish Translator

    English Luxembourgish Translator Created by DictHub, Last Updated March 8, 2019, Version 1.0, Size 4.0M Downloads 1+, Ratings 0.0

    Feature of English Luxembourgish Translator: - Ideal for students, tourists to translate any language.(English Luxembourgish Translator) - Speech to text any English and Luxembourgish , english word a...,

  • English Luxembourg Dictionary

    English Luxembourg Dictionary Created by SoftValley, Last Updated November 21, 2018, Version 2.0.0, Size 29M Downloads 100+, Ratings 0.0

    English to Luxembourgish Dictionary (100% Offline and Free). It has word meaning from various sources. You can get meaning of any English word very easily. It has auto suggestion feature which will sa...,

  • EmoXies

    EmoXies Created by Ministère des Affaires étrangères et européennes, Last Updated September 19, 2018, Version 1.3, Size 50M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 53 Ratings 4.1

    This is the official set of Luxembourg Emojis, or as we call them: EmoXies. With their signature look, the EmoXies playfully reflect different facets of our beautiful country and give you an insight...,

  • Luxembourgish Keyboard 2019,Luxembourgish Keypad

    Luxembourgish Keyboard 2019,Luxembourgish Keypad Created by Maya Developers, Last Updated January 12, 2019, Version 1.0.0, Size 13M Downloads 1+, Ratings 0.0

    Here is new 2019 keyboard with colorful background ? with double language typing to edit photo and picture with Luxembourgish text with fast typing keyboard with colorful emoji ?, funny emoticons, cut...,

  • Wierderbuch

    Wierderbuch Created by Benoît Frisch, Last Updated November 21, 2018, Version 1.0.0, Size 11M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 10 Ratings 4.9

    Wierderbuch is a Luxembourgish dictionary, which is directly available on your Android device. This app contains translations form Luxembourgish to German, French, English and Portuguese. It also con...,

  • Restopolis

    Restopolis Created by Ministère de l'Éducation nationale Luxembourg, Last Updated February 18, 2019, Version 0.19.2, Size 25M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 163 Ratings 3.8

    The Restopolis app displays the menu of all luxembourgish school restaurants on your Android device. You may check your account or the accounts of your children and transfer money to these accounts. T...,

  • Luxembourgish for ASK

    Luxembourgish for ASK Created by Michel Weimerskirch, Last Updated March 9, 2014, Version 1.0, Downloads 1,000+, Votes 68 Ratings 4.3

    (English description below) Lëtzebuergesche Sprooche-Pak (inklusiv Auto-Korrektur) fir AnySoftKeyboard. Vum Michel Weimerskirch ( Dës App ass eng Ergänzung a setzt d'Installatioun vu...,

  • LuxQuiz

    LuxQuiz Created by Julien Kessels, Last Updated August 31, 2018, Version 1.0.0, Size 17M Downloads 10+, Votes 2 Ratings 5.0

    With more than 100 grids and three levels of difficulty, LuxQuiz is aimed at people wishing to learn Luxembourgish, as well as experts wishing to be entertained.,

  • - Luxembourg - Luxembourg Created by This is Neat, Last Updated December 28, 2018, Version 4.11, Size 44M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 52 Ratings 4.5

    What's up! Luxembourg is a smart pocket guide and news service that let's you know where all the cool stuff in Luxembourg is happening! Browse through hundreds of events, create your own, or get noti...,

  • Learn English Luxembourgish Vocabulary & Grammar

    Learn English Luxembourgish Vocabulary & Grammar Created by Feral Cat Development, Last Updated February 20, 2019, Version 3.7, Size 9.8M Downloads 100+, Votes 4 Ratings 3.8

    *Swipe left and right to switch between words *Use the capital letter as a hint for the translation *Tap the blue screen to reveal the translation *Tap the translation to give it another go On your w...,

  • Church Mobile

    Church Mobile Created by Patryk Michno, Last Updated May 31, 2018, Version 0.3.0, Size 10M Downloads 50+, Votes 3 Ratings 5.0

    Church Mobile - informations about your church. - Free App to mange your list of churches in one app. - Always fresh informations. - Adding churches from our service. - Multi-language app. - Englis...,

  • Live Live Created by Michel Weimerskirch, Last Updated January 8, 2014, Version 1.3.1, Size 3.0M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 63 Ratings 4.3

    English description: ==================== With the Live-App you get a free Luxembourgish spell checking service for devices running Android 4.0. After activation, the service integrate...,

  • German Keyboard plugin

    German Keyboard plugin Created by Honso, Last Updated April 17, 2015, Version 2.2, Size 1.0M Downloads 50,000+, Votes 411 Ratings 4.0

    German plugin for Multiling O Keyboard. This is not an independent app, please install OKeyboard along with this plugin. Instruction: ​ ⑴ Install this plugin and Multiling O Keyboard. ⑵ Run O Keyboar...,

  • Luxembourgish Jokes

    Luxembourgish Jokes Created by Plugin Apps, Last Updated April 13, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 3.0M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    This Luxembourg Jokes app brings you the Funny Jokes for your mobile, easy to use and a one-stop destination to find different types and categories of Luxembourg Jokes in one app. Luxembourg Jokes a...,

  • Created by, Last Updated April 18, 2018, Version 3.0.19, Size 5.2M Downloads 100,000+, Votes 1192 Ratings 3.9

    The Android App enters a new area Faster and more user-friendly, the brand-new Android App offers you a better overview and is keeping you up-to-date with the latest news from Luxembourg and t...,

  • Languages of Luxembourg 5

    Languages of Luxembourg 5 Created by AMCHAM LUXEMBOURG, Last Updated June 24, 2018, Version 2.2, Size 3.6M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 13 Ratings 4.2

    The "Languages of Luxembourg" project is carried out under the auspices of and with the support of OEuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte through the mateneen initiative. AMCHAM, INTCOM...,

  • Subtitles Downloader BETA

    Subtitles Downloader BETA Created by Lupo112, Last Updated July 28, 2015, Version 0.9.4, Size 1.5M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 154 Ratings 3.2

    The application will automatically search for subtitles to your video. In a simple overview you can see which video files have no subtitles. Click on the name of the video file to get the list of avai...,

  • Text Translator

    Text Translator Created by Adwillz India, Last Updated September 9, 2018, Version 1.1, Size 1.8M Downloads 50+, Votes 19 Ratings 4.9

    -Translate between 90 languages. -Possibility to copy the translated text. -Possibility to save the translated text. -Possibility to delete the text from saved List of Translation. -Possibility to sha...,

  • Learn English by wallpaper

    Learn English by wallpaper Created by Prokhor Orlov, Last Updated September 27, 2018, Version 9, Size 9.1M Downloads 10+, Votes 2 Ratings 5.0

    teaches languages showing emotionally associated with the words wallpaper, associated with the culture, the events of the people being studied, is focused on English for mass languages finds interest...,

  • Translator! All Languages

    Translator! All Languages Created by PLC Infopedia, Last Updated October 4, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 2.1M Downloads 5+, Votes 5 Ratings 4.4

    Translation made easy when you travel to another country and you don't know the language, and when you are translating a document and you want to know meaning of each word. Just select the languages y...,

  • English to Urdu | All Languages Translations

    English to Urdu | All Languages Translations Created by Lets Learn, Last Updated June 11, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 2.0M Downloads 100+, Ratings 0.0

    1- English to Urdu Dictionary 2- Urdu to English Dictionary 3- English to Urdu Dictionary offers you Urdu translations of hundreds and thousands of English words, names, phrases and idioms 4- All lang...,

  • Universal Dictionary | All Language Translator

    Universal Dictionary | All Language Translator Created by Islamic Peaceful Apps, Last Updated June 10, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 2.1M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 14 Ratings 4.7

    About App 1- Universal Dictionary 2- All Language Translator 3- Covered 92 languages 4- Search millions of words 5- User friendly and Easy to use 6- For Teacher, student, tourist or traveler, it will...,

  • Camera Translator All Translate

    Camera Translator All Translate Created by Sweeted, Last Updated October 19, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 2.2M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 34 Ratings 2.7

    -> While writing in the image, it is difficult to write by looking at yourself, for that our app is a camera translator -> This is the only camera translator to convert text from an OCR based image in...,

  • Voice translator - all translate

    Voice translator - all translate Created by Sweeted, Last Updated October 21, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 2.2M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 14 Ratings 4.3

    -> Typing can take a lot of time, it can save a lot of time if typed by speaking. -> Converts from speech to text in this application. -> Features of this app: -> Voice Translate -> Direct Translate...,

  • Translator Shake 93 Languages

    Translator Shake 93 Languages Created by Smooth HQ, Last Updated March 19, 2019, Version 1.1, Size 4.0M Downloads 1+, Votes 2 Ratings 5.0

    Type the text and press 'TRANSLATE', or just shake your phone and speak. The app will automatically translate the text and speak the translation back to you. You can even slow down or speed up the vo...,

  • Albanian German Translator

    Albanian German Translator Created by TTMA Apps, Last Updated October 3, 2018, Version 2.0.5, Size 2.9M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 66 Ratings 4.3

    This free app is able to translate words and text from Albanian to German, and from German to Albanian. Best app for easy and fast translations, which can be used like a dictionary. If you are a stude...,

  • Translator for any language

    Translator for any language Created by Translate group limited, Last Updated August 9, 2017, Version 2.0, Size 2.2M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 12 Ratings 4.0

    • Translate between 103 Language Translators by typing • Translate all languages online with the help of all language translator Translations between the following Language Translators are supported:...,