1000 English to French Puzzles Created by Tufty Games

1000 English to French Puzzles

1000 English to French Puzzles is listed under Categories Preschool Puzzles , Vehicles Puzzles , Puzzles , Jigsaw Puzzles , French , 1000 English to French Puzzles Created by Tufty Games, Last Updated June 16, 2015, Version 1.0, Size 24M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 51 Ratings 4.6 Play Store Link

1000 English to French Puzzles Description

Put some 'joie de vivre' into your French revision by using coloured balloons to translate English sentences into their French equivalent. Aimed at introductory and intermediate learners of French, this charming game presents you with 1000 different English sentences that must be translated into French by choosing the correct words in the right order. There are 10 different categories of puzzle, each one containing 100 puzzles of increasing difficulty, which cover most of the commonly occurring French grammatical constructions. All of the puzzles have been carefully designed by a professiona...

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