House & Home Android Apps

  • 1. Desain Ruang Keluarga

    Desain Ruang Keluarga Tentang Ruang Keluarga --------------------------------- Sesuai dengan fungsinya, rumah merupakan tempat tinggal seluruh anggota keluarga. Artinya, rumah menjadi satu kebutuhan utama yang harus dipenu... Read More

  • 2. Desain Ruang Makan

    Desain Ruang Makan Tentang Ruang Makan --------------------------------- Ruang makan adalah ruangan tempat keluarga berkumpul setelah living room. Karakter ruang makan lebih personal, sebab di tempat inilah keluarga ber... Read More

  • 3. Desain Rumah Minimalis

    Desain Rumah Minimalis Tentang Rumah Minimalis --------------------------------- Rumah minimalis yaitu rumah yang berbentuk kecil yang bisa di design modern seperti di era modernisasi ini , tinggal bagaimana kita bisa menat... Read More

  • 4. Desain Taman

    Desain Taman Tentang Taman --------------------------------- Taman merupakan sebuah areal yang berisikan komponen material keras dan lunak yang saling mendukung satu sama lainnya yang sengaja direncanakan dan dibu... Read More

  • 5. Desain Tangga

    Desain Tangga Tentang Tangga --------------------------------- Tangga adalah sebuah konstruksi yang dirancang untuk menghubungi dua tingkat vertikal yang memiliki jarak satu sama lain. Jenis tangga berdasarkan sif... Read More

  • 6. Cool Bubble Level (Clinometer)

    Cool Bubble Level (Clinometer) Cool Bubble Level (Clinometer) - Angle & slope measure tool for Android. Hold your phone against an object to test it for level or plumb, or lay it face-up on a flat object for a surface level. Try ou... Read More

  • 7. Kitchen Tips

    Kitchen Tips There are so many tips and cheats that will save you time, money and your sanity when it comes to cooking, baking, preparing and cleaning in the kitchen. We wanted to share some with you so we’ve roam... Read More

  • 8. Latest Kitchens Designs 2018

    Latest Kitchens Designs 2018 The designs featured in this App are sure to bring in a new life to your kitchen interiors. kitchen designs are images or gallery for Indian style kitchen design for small space simple and small kitch... Read More

  • 9. Kitchen Interior Design

    Kitchen Interior Design with modern minimalist design style that looks so beautiful, beautiful, clean and healthy. Kitchen set is an integrated cooking equipment that is located in the kitchen. And along with the development... Read More

  • 10. LH 임대주택, 분양주택, 아파트 투유 공고문

    LH 임대주택, 분양주택, 아파트 투유 공고문 LH주택공사, LH청약센터, LH임대주택, LH분양주택 공고문 임대주택 및 분양주택 공고문 입니다. lh임대주택,lh분양주택, 주택청약 자료출처 : LH주택공사, LH, lh, lh주택공사, 아파트2u, 아... Read More

  • 11. SH 임대주택, 분양주택 공고문

    SH 임대주택, 분양주택 공고문 SH 서울 주택 도시공사, sh임대주택, sh분양주택 공고문, 주택청약 자료출처 : SH서울주택도시공사, sh주택공사, sh Read More

  • 12. Rose Theme Golden Flowers Bowknot Shinning lively

    Rose Theme Golden Flowers Bowknot Shinning lively The "Theme golden rose bow" cml theme is only available for phones with the cm launchers EX. This theme with the cheetah launcher does not support any other launcheres systems such as halo launcher go... Read More

  • 13. Laundry Help

    Laundry Help We are professionals in the laundry and dry cleaning business, which means we always stay up to date on the latest technologies, cleaning methods, and solutions for dealing with stains or delicate fab... Read More

  • 14. 106年台灣中部實價登錄隨身包

    106年台灣中部實價登錄隨身包 台灣中部實價登錄隨身包及房地產新聞 含苗栗縣 ,臺中市,南投縣,彰化縣,雲林縣之內政部公告實價登錄資訊 唯一獨創同時內建 @指北針/指南針,方便看屋時查看方位 @行動查價搖一搖手機幫您找附近實價登錄成交資訊並顯示... Read More

  • 15. Life Hacks Videos

    Life Hacks Videos We have hidden opportunities in our daily activities and even we tend to don't consider these. Once we acknowledge these ideas and opportunities, we will make our life a lot of easier and inventive. W... Read More

  • 16. Exterior & Interior Designs

    Exterior & Interior Designs Exterior & Interior Designs for android is an easy to understand application that issues you the ability to tackle any inside outline extend or make any floor-arrange rapidly and effectively. With alm... Read More

  • 17. Ceiling Designing

    Ceiling Designing Ceiling Design is a simple-to-use app that enables anyone to create beautiful and realistic Ceiling interior Design and exterior designs in 2D and 3D modes. Ceiling Design Application gives 180+ Home... Read More

  • 18. Cours de Crochet

    Cours de Crochet Si vous avez toujours voulu apprendre à faire des napperons, cette application est faite pour vous. Avec nos exemples de crochet, il vous sera désormais facile d'apprendre à faire des napperons, et m... Read More

  • 19. Logi Circle

    Logi Circle SECURITY MADE SIMPLE Meet Circle, the only indoor and outdoor, weatherproof, wired or 100% wireless 1080p HD home security camera with night vision and up to 180° field-of-view that you can set up in... Read More

  • 20. Lucky Switch

    Lucky Switch A simple, easy and cost-effective way to automate your room Read More

  • 21. Luxury Bathroom Designs

    Luxury Bathroom Designs One of the key parts in reproducing a zen washroom feel is moderate outline. After all, we are attempting to make a space that is quiet, cleaned up and stretch free. Zen modern bathroom outline freque... Read More

  • 22. شرطة الاطفال فيديو4g

    شرطة الاطفال فيديو4g تتصل بالشرطة فيجيبك بمكالمة فيديو بصورة واضحة عالية الجودة فتعتبر شرطة الاطفال المطورة عن بقية الانواع هي الاولي على مستوى هذا النوع من المكالمات التي تستخدم النظام المصور و الكاميرا لاعطاء و اقعية في... Read More

  • 23. District One

    District One Minutes away from the glistening Crystal Lagoon, each of District One’s eighteen distinctly styled mansions is meticulously designed to ensure affluent tranquil living in glorious surroundings. Wheth... Read More

  • 24. Grocery Lists Make Shopping Simple and Smart

    Grocery Lists  Make Shopping Simple and Smart Grocery Lists Make Shopping Simple and Smart will be your new favorite smartphone app for managing all your grocery and shopping lists. It’s well-designed and easy to use task management app, it makes... Read More

  • 25. Trane Residential HVAC WiFi

    Trane Residential HVAC WiFi With the Trane Residential Air-Conditioning Wi-Fi app, you can now access your personal comfort needs and determine what’s right for your home using some of our newest smart features. Install and lear... Read More

  • 26. 400+ Minimalist Home Designs

    400+ Minimalist Home Designs 400+ Small Modern and Minimalist Home Designs Ideas You'll Fall In Love! ☐ Category Design ☐ --------------------------- ☐ minimalist home design concept ☐ minimalist house design exterior ☐ minima... Read More

  • 27. 3D Minimalist Home Planner

    3D Minimalist Home Planner Are you looking for an inspiration how to make your own minimalist home design? This app is perfect for you! ★★ What you will find inside this app ★★ ● 3D minimalist interior design ● small house pl... Read More

  • 28. Safety Connect

    Safety Connect Ứng dụng nhà thông minh điều khiển thiết bị thông minh makipos - Cho Phép hẹn giờ điều khiển thiết bị - Cho phép tạo kịch bản quản lý - Cho phép tạo luật tự động kích hoạt thiết bị, thông báo trạng th... Read More

  • 29. Mobile Homes for Sale USA

    Mobile Homes for Sale USA Are you in search of mobile homes, manufactured houses? This Application includes mobile homes for sale and purchase in USA. You can buy and sell new and used mobile homes, small homes from USA larges... Read More

  • 30. 🎄Christmas Tree 2016

    🎄Christmas Tree 2016 Welcome to "Christmas Tree 2016", a simple and intuitive app, where you'll find fantastic Christmas decorations for inspiration this Christmas. Make your house look great on your Christmas celebration... Read More

  • 31. Christmas decorations 2015

    Christmas decorations 2015 Welcome to "Christmas Decorations 2015", simple and intuitive app, which you can find inspiration to decorate yourself, your home for the upcoming holiday season. The app includes photo galleries tuto... Read More

  • 32. Especias y Condimentos

    Especias y Condimentos Especias y condimentos una aplicación de los mejores condimentos y especias que no pueden faltar en tu cocina,con esta aplicación te ayudamos a que sepas que cualidades y propiedades tiene cada especi... Read More

  • 33. Творим своими руками

    Творим своими руками Идеи для дома своими руками - это приложение для Всех любителей оригинального, а также для тех, кто любит делать что-то своими руками. У нас вы найдете Необычные идеи и различные варианты для подарко... Read More

  • 34. BN Venta de Bienes

    BN Venta de Bienes ¡Ahora es más fácil comprar! Con la nueva APP de BN Venta de Bienes puedes tener a mano la información de propiedades que vende el Banco Nacional, bájala ya y haz negocios desde tu dispositivo móvil... Read More

  • 35. 250 Modern Tile design

    250 Modern Tile design 250 Modern Tile design Hundreds of floor design ideas for your home - Floors are part of your home that you step on almost every day. The floor is also the most frequently affected part of the house'... Read More

  • 36. Modern Ceiling Design

    Modern Ceiling Design Many more people use simple white ceiling. They often ignore the design of the ceiling or if they thought it was the best solution. We may infer white ceiling is quite amazing, but there are many othe... Read More