Best Russia Apps for Cities

  • Russia Travel

    Russia Travel Created by Travel to Apps, Last Updated February 16, 2015, Version 1.05, Size 1.8M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 23 Ratings 4.1

    If you want to travel to Russia this app is for you. We have all the information you need in our travel guide Russia. - Information: Visas, Safety, Immunizations, Embassies, Phones interest. - Book...,

  • Created by Pear Media, Last Updated August 14, 2017, Version 2.0.0, Size 21M Downloads 100+, Votes 1 Ratings 5.0

    Discover the magnificent variety that Russia has in store for you. These comprehensive articles will get you started for an eventful travel to Russia. moscow st petersburg map attractions...,

  • Russia newspapers

    Russia newspapers Created by worldsallnews, Last Updated September 23, 2017, Version 1.1, Size 6.9M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 46 Ratings 4.4

    Russia's most widely read newspapers and news sites. In addition, the world's most widely read newspaper and news sites and news agencies will find this application. Russia Newspapers, Russia News, Ru...,

  • FIFA Fun

    FIFA Fun Created by Md. Razon Hossain, Last Updated June 21, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 5.0M Downloads 50+, Votes 3 Ratings 5.0

    This is a funny app that allows users to make fun with friends and make them a fan of such a team they hate. Just add name, currently supporting team and the team name of your wish, add a image and th...,

  • Russia Wallpapers

    Russia Wallpapers Created by ipmobilesolutions, Last Updated February 28, 2018, Version 1, Size 2.7M Downloads 100+, Ratings 0.0

    The best free Russia wallpapers and backgrounds! It is perfect set of Russia wallpapers in HD quality! Every Russia wallpaper is very cool, just install this application and enjoy! This app is well...,

  • Russia Prayer Times Athan

    Russia Prayer Times Athan Created by Install Me, Last Updated April 24, 2018, Size 14M Downloads 50,000+, Votes 638 Ratings 4.8

    Russia Prayer Times Athan App N°1 in Russia with Prayer times in Monthly calendar and Azan every time ( include Ramadan ). Russia Prayer Times Islam with ATHAN First application of Islamic Prayer fo...,

  • Russia Podcast

    Russia Podcast Created by Supper Podcasts, Last Updated May 23, 2018, Version 1.0.0, Size 2.1M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 45 Ratings 4.6

    ★★★★★ RUSSIA PODCAST - ONLINE PODCAST ★★★★★ Russia Podcast is the wonderful Russian podcast player for Android phones and it is FREE. Russia Podcast lets you choose from the most popular Russia pod...,

  • Russian History

    Russian History Created by DuoSoft, Last Updated June 4, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 4.2M Downloads 500+, Votes 8 Ratings 4.0

    Russia is a country with a very rich history and cultural heritage. This application is intended for those people who want to learn about the history of Russia or to refresh some historical events in...,

  • Russia travel ideas

    Russia travel ideas Created by, Last Updated July 18, 2018, Version 1.5.6, Size 3.8M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    Interesting places in Russia that are worth visiting. See which monuments, cities and lands are seeing you in Russia. A practical guide for tourists going on a trip to this country.,

  • Russia Today : Breaking & Latest News

    Russia Today : Breaking & Latest News Created by Everyday News Update, Last Updated February 14, 2018, Version 0.0.1, Size 5.7M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 10 Ratings 4.5

    The Russia News App keeps you abreast with latest breaking news, world news, live updates and provides you in-depth coverage of Politics, Business, Technology, Auto, Gadgets, Entertainment, Sports, Cr...,

  • History of Russia

    History of Russia Created by A Plus Creator Studios, Last Updated September 30, 2018, Version 1.0.0, Size 5.3M Downloads 50+, Ratings 0.0

    History of Russia - is a mobile app, professionally tailored for the study of the History of Russia. Made for researchers, historians professors, and students of Russian History. It is a novice to pro...,

  • Russia Speech To Text - Notes

    Russia Speech To Text - Notes Created by All Language Keyboard And Notes, Last Updated February 23, 2019, Version 1.0, Size 2.4M Downloads 1+, Ratings 0.0

    ✿ Russia Speech To Text - Notes ✿ App will Record your voice and convert it to Russia Speech To Text, designed to empower your ideas and creativity. You now don't need Russia keyboards to type in R...,

  • Russia Music Online from Moscow 101ru

    Russia Music Online from Moscow 101ru Created by Cristian Duta, Last Updated November 25, 2017, Size 3.8M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 4 Ratings 5.0

    Russia Radio for Free! Soul Music! Keep Calm and play in Moscow! Listen to the best radio stations of the Russia in our application. You can choose from sports, news, music and other radio sta...,

  • Russia Beyond

    Russia Beyond Created by RT (Russia Today), Last Updated December 20, 2017, Version 1.3.5, Size 5.0M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 55 Ratings 4.7

    Russia Beyond is your main gateway to all things Russian, from culture, travel, education, language, ways to do business, and much more. There’s so much to explore in Russia that it can be hard knowin...,

  • Radio Russia

    Radio Russia Created by Policodigo, Last Updated January 7, 2019, Version 4.3.5, Size 10M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 317 Ratings 4.6

    Radio Russia is the Radio Russia most comprehensive playstore also is a type of application that everyone expects, few ads, many radio stations are more than 1000 radio stations across Russia, these a...,

  • ON Russia

    ON Russia Created by PPOSia TPU-2017, Last Updated September 25, 2018, Version 1.8.6, Size 6.4M Downloads 50,000+, Votes 852 Ratings 3.9

    “ON Russia” is the first and only mobile application in Russia for not indifferent and active students from all over the country. “ON Russia” is a platform for the realization of the coolest and lar...,

  • Free SMS Russia

    Free SMS Russia Created by, Last Updated June 24, 2014, Version 1.0, Downloads 10+, Votes 2 Ratings 1.0

    Send unlimited free SMS to Russia from any Android device. No need for 3G/4G mobile connection. All is need is a WiFi connection to SMS to any mobile in Russia. Feature: No credits or In-app purchase...,

  • True russian news

    True russian news Created by nikandrodev, Last Updated February 14, 2019, Version 1.77, Size 7.0M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 924 Ratings 4.4

    All about Russia. News, exposed fakes, propaganda. What is a truth and what is a lie in Russian news. What Putin is plotting right now? Who is under pressure in Russia? What Russia lies about? Is Nava...,

  • Exchange, Russian Central Bank

    Exchange, Russian Central Bank Created by Softmedya Dev., Last Updated August 6, 2015, Version 1.1, Size 3.2M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 20 Ratings 4.5

    Foreign exchange rates from the Bank of Russia online. The application displays the current exchange rates of the Central Bank of Russia in relation to the Russian ruble and their change. If necessa...,

  • Learn Russia Free Offline For Travel

    Learn Russia Free Offline For Travel Created by ASI Edu, Last Updated June 4, 2018, Version 1.1, Size 88M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 171 Ratings 4.3

    Learn Russia is an application developed by Russia language experts. This is a pocket communication dictionary, used in offices, schools, amusement parks, shopping centers, airports, bus stations, tra...,

  • Radio Russia- AM FM Online

    Radio Russia- AM FM Online Created by Radio Service, Last Updated December 28, 2018, Version 4.1.0, Size 2.2M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 21 Ratings 4.3

    Radio Russia is the BEST radio application that everyone expects, very LIGHT, BEAUTIFUL and FAST. With Radio Russia you will have the opportunity to listen to all the Russian radio in one click, inst...,

  • Russia Photo Cup

    Russia Photo Cup Created by Appassionates, Last Updated June 14, 2018, Version 0.0.1, Downloads 50+, Votes 4 Ratings 5.0

    The Russia Photo Cup is the aswome app to take photos during the Russia World Cup 2018. Take pictures or search in the incredible stock of Unsplash and add unique stickers of the Russia World Cup 2018...,

  • Al Quran Russia

    Al Quran Russia Created by Multi Tech Software, Last Updated August 16, 2018, Version 1.3, Size 11M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 8 Ratings 4.8

    Al Quran Russia Features: 1. Surah List. 2. Surah Details. 3. Multiple Arabic Fonts. 4. Increase/Decrease Text Size. 5. Reading Mode. 6. Search Option. 7. 5 Translation. 8. Stylist Font & Design. 9....,

  • Russia Travel Guide

    Russia Travel Guide Created by Success Vision, Last Updated October 27, 2018, Version 1.3, Size 8.6M Downloads 100+, Votes 2 Ratings 3.0

    Being one of the beautiful countries in the world, Russia presents to you its majestic lakes, mountains, beaches, history, spectacular volcanoes and glaciers. It’s time to pack your suitcase and explo...,

  • Russia Flag Live Wallpaper

    Russia Flag Live Wallpaper Created by Aleso, Last Updated May 24, 2018, Version 10, Size 2.1M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 145 Ratings 3.8

    Russia flag animated wallpapers referenced to: russia, flags, country and russian ! How to use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers Personalization options available in the settings. Thi...,

  • Russia Jobs

    Russia Jobs Created by Madam Kong, Last Updated December 8, 2018, Version 1, Size 3.3M Downloads 100+, Ratings 0.0

    Russia Jobs is a fast and easy way to find jobs on Android. It gives you easy access to read the most popular Jobs platform from Russia. You don't need to install so many apps in your smart phone. You...,

  • Made in Russia

    Made in Russia Created by Nikas, Last Updated December 15, 2017, Version 0.7.2, Size 2.3M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 189 Ratings 4.1

    What do you know about Russia except that it's "The Evil Empire"? Find out the truth. The application shows great news in Russia. Russia has made ​​high-tech products, building new plants, developin...,

  • keyboard of russia 2018

    keyboard of russia 2018 Created by smdevagadi, Last Updated June 15, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 13M Downloads 500+, Votes 3 Ratings 5.0

    keyboard of russia 2018 is an application contain many wallpaper pictures of world Cup Russia 2018 , the objet of this nice keypad is to decorate the mobile phone or tablet keyboard for the new look....,

  • Guide World Cup Russia 2018

    Guide World Cup Russia 2018 Created by Evin Technology, Last Updated July 6, 2018, Version 1.1.14, Size 4.1M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 54 Ratings 4.3

    Guide World Cup Russia 2018 - Best companion football app for World Cup Russia 2018 This World Cup app provides you with the latest information of World Cup Russia 2018, everything you need to know a...,

  • News Russia

    News Russia Created by JVBWorld, Last Updated October 26, 2018, Version 1.4, Size 2.5M Downloads 50+, Ratings 0.0

    News Russia provides Russia,World,Sports,Health,Business,Science Etc.. How to use: * Select Russia to see the Russia News. * Select Health to see the Health News. * Select World to see the World News...,


    DISTREE RUSSIA Created by SeAL - Event Catalyst, Last Updated May 25, 2018, Version 4.1.1, Size 8.3M Downloads 100+, Votes 1 Ratings 5.0

    Mobile app for DISTREE RUSSIA. DISTREE Russia is the ultimate professional networking event for senior executives from the consumer tech and B2B channels in Russia. Now in its 13th year, DISTREE Russ...,

  • Sticker Album Controller

    Sticker Album Controller Created by Marcus Adriano, Last Updated April 13, 2018, Size 3.5M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 93 Ratings 4.2

    It's a simple app focus on FIFA World Cup Russia 2018. Easy to use and manager. You can save all of stickers and know statistics about your Panini FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 Sticker Album. keywords:...,

  • Russia 2018 TV HD

    Russia 2018 TV HD Created by zouna, Last Updated June 27, 2018, Version 1.1.5, Size 47M Downloads 50,000+, Votes 479 Ratings 3.9

    This application makes it easier for you to find your favorite Russia channel and World cup match • Follow all Russia channels and world cup 2018 live! • Free Application • No registration necessary,

  • History of Russia Vol II

    History of Russia Vol II Created by A Plus Creator Studios, Last Updated June 25, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 4.7M Downloads 100+, Votes 1 Ratings 3.0

    History of Russia - is a mobile app, professionally tailored for the study of the History of Russia. Made for researchers, historians professors, and students of Russian History. It is a novice to pro...,

  • Soccer Champion Football Challenge Russia 18

    Soccer Champion Football Challenge Russia 18 Created by Games Revolution Studio, Last Updated November 4, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 18M Downloads 50,000+, Votes 286 Ratings 3.6

    Play Soccer champion football challenge Russia 18 game and become the top soccer player in the world. Lead your team to victory scoring crucial goals in the soccer champion leagues 2018 stadiums. Be y...,

  • News in Russia

    News in Russia Created by News in The World, Last Updated December 21, 2018, Version 9.1, Size 5.2M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    News in Russia| News and Magazine in Russia| Hot News in Russia| News in Russia 30 Sites RIA Novosti Lenta dot ru KP dot ru Komsomolskaya Pravda Vesti .ru smi2 .ru Life Gazeta .ru MK ....,