Best Taiwan Apps for Cities

  • Taiwan Podcast

    Taiwan Podcast Created by Supper Podcasts, Last Updated May 17, 2018, Version 1.0.0, Size 2.1M Downloads 100+, Votes 2 Ratings 5.0

    ★★★★★ TAIWAN PODCAST - ONLINE PODCAST ★★★★★ Taiwan Podcast is the wonderful Taiwan podcast player for Android phones and it is FREE. Taiwan Podcast lets you choose from the most popular Taiwan podc...,

  • Taiwan Travel

    Taiwan Travel Created by Travel to Apps, Last Updated February 16, 2015, Version 1.05, Size 1.8M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 10 Ratings 4.2

    If you want to travel to Taiwan and Taipei this app is for you. We have all the information you need in our travel guide Taiwan. - Information: Visas, Safety, Immunizations, Embassies, Phones interes...,

  • Taiwan In Your Hand

    Taiwan In Your Hand Created by J.SPOT Europe, Last Updated November 21, 2018, Version 2.0.1, Size 36M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    Viewed in the form of Augmented Taiwan. Creating an interesting experience to see the angle of the cities in Taiwan in the form of video and 3D augmented reality. Making all the material in the form...,

  • Taiwan Radio (TW Radio)

    Taiwan Radio (TW Radio) Created by Bellsprout Studio, Last Updated March 21, 2018, Size 7.9M Downloads 100,000+, Votes 2533 Ratings 3.7

    This Taiwan radio app provide a simple user interface to listen radio broadcast for common stations in Taiwan. The Taiwan radio stations include Kiss Radio, HitFM, Best Radio, AsiaFM, UFO, AppleLine a...,

  • Taiwan Newspapers

    Taiwan Newspapers Created by worldsallnews, Last Updated September 23, 2017, Version 1.2, Size 6.8M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 27 Ratings 4.4

    Taiwan and the world's most read newspapers and news sites. In addition, international news agencies and news sites are in this application. World newspapers, Taiwan Newspapers, Taiwan News, Taiwan Sp...,

  • Taiwan Today : Breaking & Latest News

    Taiwan Today : Breaking & Latest News Created by Everyday News Update, Last Updated February 19, 2018, Version 0.0.1, Size 5.7M Downloads 50+, Votes 2 Ratings 4.0

    The Taiwan News App keeps you abreast with latest breaking news, world news, live updates and provides you in-depth coverage of Politics, Business, Technology, Auto, Gadgets, Entertainment, Sports, Cr...,

  • Radio Taiwan

    Radio Taiwan Created by webstudio86, Last Updated May 16, 2017, Version 3, Size 5.0M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    You can listen to radio stations from Taiwan with this easy to use app. Some of the radio stations you can listen to: ChatRadio - The Best ACG Radio V5 I Want Radio ICRT 100.1 FM Taiwan KBS Kaohsiun...,

  • Taiwan Recipe @C180

    Taiwan Recipe @C180 Created by Najah Success Sdn Bhd, Last Updated March 26, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 30M Downloads 100+, Ratings 0.0

    Taiwan Recipe @C180 is owned by Taiwan Recipe @C180, which illustrate the foods and service provided by Taiwan Recipe @C180. It is not compatible to other Taiwan Recipe Branches other than Branch in C...,

  • Taiwan Railways - English

    Taiwan Railways - English Created by Venki.A, Last Updated February 11, 2014, Version 2.0.1, Size 1.5M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 102 Ratings 3.9

    Taiwan Railways or Taiwan Train and Taipei Bus in real time in English. We can check the real time information about all the trains including Local Trains, Express Trains. From any place in and around...,

  • Taiwan Halal

    Taiwan Halal Created by Taiwan Halal, Last Updated November 17, 2018, Version 1.0, Size 6.5M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 61 Ratings 4.7

    Taiwan Halal provides information about Hotel, restaurant, Mosque and Muslim Community where ever you are in all around Taiwan.,

  • Taiwan News

    Taiwan News Created by News Now, Last Updated March 14, 2018, Version 1.5, Size 2.9M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 211 Ratings 4.1

    Read the most popular newspapers from Taiwan (台湾). Taiwan News brings you the most popular newspapers from Taiwan (台湾) in Chinese (汉语/漢語) and English. This is a fast and easy way to read the...,

  • Transway – Taiwan Transit

    Transway – Taiwan Transit Created by Meego 米果數位科技, Last Updated August 10, 2018, Version 2.16, Size 9.5M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 219 Ratings 4.4

    Taiwan transit timetable searches for Taiwan Railway, High Speed Rail, Taipei Metro, Kaohsiung Metro,

  • Focus Taiwan

    Focus Taiwan Created by Central News Agency, Last Updated September 30, 2015, Version 1.9, Size 3.7M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 144 Ratings 4.5

    As Taiwan’s national news agency, CNA has earned a reputation as the leader of the country’s media. The CNA boasts one of Taiwan’s largest teams of news editors and reporters who write news and photo...,

  • Creamfields Taiwan

    Creamfields Taiwan Created by Greencopper, Last Updated November 22, 2017, Version 1.0.0, Size 11M Downloads 100+, Votes 6 Ratings 5.0

    CREAMFIELDS 應用程式是您參加 CREAMFIELDS TAIWAN 的最佳行動指南,CREAMFIELDS 電子音樂節源自英國,現在成為世界最大的電子音樂節之一,並且前往全世界各國演出。 您可以在 CREAMFIELDS 應用程式中使用以下功能:...,

  • Taiwan Radio

    Taiwan Radio Created by Radio & Entertainment Service, Last Updated November 1, 2018, Version 2.1, Size 2.6M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    With this application (Taiwan Radio), you will have the opportunity to listen the most popular radio stations in Taiwan in one click instantly (without Buffering by including a new technology "Bufferi...,

  • LaravelConf Taiwan 2018

    LaravelConf Taiwan 2018 Created by Gain Secure, Last Updated June 13, 2018, Version 1.3, Size 4.9M Downloads 100+, Votes 1 Ratings 5.0

    為了讓更多開發者認識 Laravel 框架,也為了促進 PHP/Laravel 開發者之間的交流。LaravelConf Taiwan 於 2017 年正式成立,以一年一次的頻率為生態圈服務,致力成為台灣最專業的 Laravel 技術研討會。想要對 Laravel...,

  • Taiwan News - 台灣新聞

    Taiwan News - 台灣新聞 Created by Info Cover, Last Updated August 7, 2017, Version 1.0, Size 4.6M Downloads 500+, Votes 3 Ratings 5.0

    The most complete latest news today, headline news, national news, breaking news in Taiwan and all around the world in a very compact way from the comfort of your own phone or tablet. Fast and Easy to...,

  • Taiwan Weather

    Taiwan Weather Created by Joam, Last Updated April 14, 2018, Version 1.15, Size 3.9M Downloads 50,000+, Votes 183 Ratings 4.1

    Taiwan weather widget with 7-day weather forecast for your selected city/county. Temperature chart. Taiwan typhoon path. All data come from Central Weather Bureau which owns the copyright. Support Eng...,

  • Taiwan News English | Taiwan Newspapers

    Taiwan News English | Taiwan Newspapers Created by ProgrammingTunes, Last Updated December 16, 2018, Version 5.1, Size 5.5M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 24 Ratings 4.5

    Read latest Taiwan English News from more than 25 Taiwan newspapers with an easy and uninterruptible view. Options for sharing the news with your friends and family using your phone messages or any ot...,

  • Eat Drink Taiwan

    Eat Drink Taiwan Created by Kevin Wolkober, Last Updated November 25, 2016, Version 1.0.3, Size 37M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 120 Ratings 4.9

    Eat Drink Taiwan showcases some of the best places to enjoy Taiwanese cuisine while letting you explore the wonderful array of available options in Taiwanese food. Whether living in or just visiting T...,

  • Taiwan TV

    Taiwan TV Created by TV Satellite Info Channels Free, Last Updated October 25, 2017, Version 1.0, Size 3.5M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 9 Ratings 1.9

    Taiwan TV Taiwan TV is a simple app which will help you get more info about Taiwan TV. Here you find all information needed to watch all free satellite Taiwan TV. - get info about all Taiwan TV. - kno...,

  • Taiwan Chinese word phrase book 1000

    Taiwan Chinese word phrase book 1000 Created by JLD International,inc, Last Updated March 5, 2019, Version 1.0.0, Size 3.4M Downloads 50+, Ratings 0.0

    Taiwan Chinese word phrase book 1000 can be used for Taiwan trip and Taiwan Chinese language learning. This app is using GOOGLE text-to-speech. You can check Taiwan Chinese language accent and pronun...,

  • Taiwan Lotto Lottery Free

    Taiwan Lotto Lottery Free Created by App 4 Daily Life, Last Updated October 22, 2017, Version 1.01, Size 15M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 13 Ratings 4.8

    Taiwan Lotto, Lottery Free - Drawn Number Checking - Results - Statistics You can always find out more from the Taiwan government website which sponsors the lottery.,

  • Sexy Taiwan Girls

    Sexy Taiwan Girls Created by Devnoapps, Last Updated August 20, 2017, Version 1.0, Size 9.3M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 123 Ratings 4.1

    Taiwan girls are one of the best looking Asian girls around , If you love hot and sexy Taiwan girls, so this is an app for your mobile screen , This app contains thousands of hot photos and wallpaper...,

  • GSL

    GSL Created by Winho, Last Updated January 3, 2019, Version 1.6.4, Size 9.9M Downloads 10+, Votes 3 Ratings 5.0

    GSL is a company headquartered in New York that founded in Delaware State, USA. As Delaware State is one of the reciprocal nations for foreigners acquiring land in Taiwan, the companies in Delaware St...,

  • Adzan Taiwan: Prayer times Taiwan 2018

    Adzan Taiwan: Prayer times Taiwan 2018 Created by Mazoul dev, Last Updated September 17, 2018, Version 1.2.5, Size 11M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 304 Ratings 4.7

    Jadwal sholat di taiwan prayer times is especially designed to indicate the accurate prayer for the majority of the cities of Taiwan like prayer time taipei or jadwal sholat taipei, this application c...,

  • Weather Taiwan

    Weather Taiwan Created by Rudy Huang, Last Updated December 31, 2016, Version 1.0.3, Size 3.8M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 98 Ratings 4.2

    Taiwan weather forecast including high and low temperatures,wind speed, cloud speed and humidity. this app cover the major cities of Taiwan City: Taipei, Kaohsiung City, Taichung, Tainan City, Banciao...,

  • Taiwan Sat TV Info

    Taiwan Sat TV Info Created by Cansu Apps, Last Updated July 14, 2017, Version 1.0, Size 2.8M Downloads 100+, Ratings 0.0

    All data needed to access Taiwan TV - you will them all here. The actual program can be recorded, all can be done very easily, without any difficult or time consuming arrangements. Here you will f...,

  • Taiwan Birds

    Taiwan Birds Created by Eco-Education and Resources Centre, Last Updated March 6, 2017, Version 1.0.3, Size 41M Downloads 10,000+, Votes 157 Ratings 4.5

    【Taiwan Birds】 A user-friendly yet informative bird information app. Includes most birds that found in Taiwan, it allows you to identify and share birds that you see with ease. This is the best comp...,

  • Radio Online Taiwan

    Radio Online Taiwan Created by Santansegar, Last Updated August 19, 2017, Version 1.0, Size 4.3M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    Radio Streaming Taiwan asks you to listen to the radio with or without headphones. You can set the timer for a radio station to turn off automatically. Feature : * Listen to Radio Streaming Taiwan *...,

  • CHN Yuan x New Taiwan Dollar

    CHN Yuan x New Taiwan Dollar Created by Currency Converter X Apps, Last Updated January 24, 2018, Version 1.7, Size 3.3M Downloads 1,000+, Votes 5 Ratings 3.8

    A simple currency converter from Chinese Yuan to New Taiwan Dollar and from New Taiwan Dollar to Chinese Yuan. This application includes the following features: - Currency converter - Exchange rate o...,

  • Chat Taiwan

    Chat Taiwan Created by zzipe2, Last Updated February 2, 2019, Version 1.0, Size 29M Downloads 100+, Ratings 0.0

    FAST: Chat Taiwan is the fastest messaging app on the market. SECURE: We made it our mission to provide the best security combined with ease of use. POWERFUL: You can create group chats . FUN: Chat...,

  • Taiwan Newspapers

    Taiwan Newspapers Created by ZHR, Last Updated December 9, 2018, Version 1.5.1, Size 3.1M Downloads 10+, Ratings 0.0

    Taiwan Newspapers gives you the chance to experience all the latest news from Taiwan and all around the world in a very compact way from the comfort of your own phone or tablet. Included newspapers/n...,

  • Taiwan Taxi - Flash Card

    Taiwan Taxi - Flash Card Created by Hade, Last Updated February 21, 2019, Version 1.3.1, Size 2.4M Downloads 5,000+, Votes 10 Ratings 4.1

    !! You can use this app in offline !! Case 1) I have get on a taxi from Taiwan. Talk confidently in English. "One Hundred one tower,please" However, the taxi driver says, "Huh ????" That's right. I...,


    VZ TAIWAN Created by Advanced Research Institute, III, Last Updated October 31, 2018, Version 6.3.4, Size 53M Downloads 100,000+, Votes 302 Ratings 3.8

    A new set of Smart Tourism tools transforms your business trip into an opportunity to craft an unforgettable adventure in Taiwan. Discovering new destinations and scheduling activities is easy with a...,

  • BusTracker Taiwan

    BusTracker Taiwan Created by Yahoo奇摩, Last Updated January 29, 2019, Version 1.6.1, Size 5.8M Downloads 500,000+, Votes 5834 Ratings 4.1

    Bus tracker for Taiwan.,