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Carbonatic is సృష్టించినది Glass Stranger Games and was చివరిగా నవీకరించబడింది on March 21, 2019. Current వెర్షన్ is 1.0. Carbonatic పరిమాణం is about 5.8M and has డౌన్లోడ్లు 10+ in App Store. Its మద్దతు ఉన్న O.S are 5.0 and up. With 1 ఓట్లు and 5.0 రేటింగ్స్ for the Carbonatic shows its popularity in Play Store. The App app.requires

Carbonatic is a social network, for everyone. Three principles guide us: Social media should be secure. • Social networks host multiple ads and as many as 70 trackers per network. Popular networks profile your location, behaviour and other browsing activity. Carbonatic blocks this unwanted content by default and keeps count. Social media should be agile. • We misunderstand each other when we are...

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